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“Sentient Ocean is an experimental piece about language and communication, social barriers and vulnerability, at a time when perfect HD images can be taken with any mobile device we use to connect and communicate with each other.

Sabrina Rodríguez created and performed a butoh dance (physical language of inner images), which was captured with an HD camera and captured again vertically by a mobile phone; distorting the images but not the original emotion.

The distorted images, along with an abstract performance and glitchy video editing, aim to investigate error and noise as a poetic and organic part of technology.

Concept, choreography, performance and film by Sabrina Rodríguez.

The Sentient Ocean sound piece is included in the hex54820 demo album by me. Listen here: https://soundcloud.com/sabrinarguez/s…

Thanks to Josephine Grundy for the initial video recording and my butoh dance partners.”

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